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Why Shred?

Without the proper safeguards, information ends up in the trash where anyone can remove it. In fact, dumpsters are the most accessible and revealing resources in corporate espionage. Account numbers, contact information, and intellectual property and more are some of the more obvious documents that should be safeguarded. Less obviously sensitive are "daily trash" such as memos, phone messages, rough drafts, reports, and much correspondence. This information is especially useful to competitors because it gives them an in-depth look at your current activities, practices, pricing, suppliers, customers, etc.

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Don't Trust Home Shredders

Most home shredders produce ribbon-cut particles. In the United States, it can cost as little as $150/hour to re-assemble these particles. Anyone determined enough to read your company secrets would be able to with great ease. Shred RI protects your information by obliterating your documents into tiny confetti-sized pieces.​

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